The Logo:
The mark for the show was hand-lettered by myself. We felt as if a more handwritten, crafty approach was more in line with what we were representing. 
The Advertising: 
The posters and postcards made to promote the gallery's opening were designed by myself and fellow designers Amanda Ward and Jonathan Alumbaugh. The featured art is a painting by Marion Boyd Allen which showcases a woman at work creating her masterpiece. 
The Gallery: 
The painting, hanging, and designing of the gallery's interior was a group effort between everyone in the class. There were around 15 of us that worked on a rotating schedule. Included in the gallery space is hanging banners, pedestals, half walls, and quote decals. 
A back room to the gallery showcased a slideshow of the featured work alongside essays written by the students about their assigned artist. My artist was children's book illustrator Eleanor Talbot.
The Catalog: 
The catalog was again a joint effort between myself, Amanda Ward, and Jonathan Alumbaugh. It was a physical copy of the slideshow for gallery goers to take home with them, and it featured the artists' work next to student's essays detailing their amazing careers. 
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